Judato is..

a small foundation from The Netherlands. Its name is taken from the Dutch and English words ‘U, you’ and the Latin word ‘datum’. It translates loosely as ‘Your time’. You can face many challenging and maybe very painful things in your life. It sometimes will break you! Then you have to get up. Fall and get up. It is the only way to train action. Gently push your limits and seize your day. It is already yours. Make it beautiful.

Who am I?

I always say: ‘I am a grandmother of 4; who likes learning and innovation with a touch of philosophy’. I made this site because I wanted to see if something small can grow into something creative and fun naturally.

My heritage: born in sunny Surinam in Latin America. At the age of three I was raised in Holland. With my culturally rich genes, languages and cultures make me smile. I’ve learned so much from so many people. Thank you!

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